Strategic Consulting

Impact assists the client in formulating its goals, building a protocol of processes that enable the client to take action, as well as to adapt to the conditions of its market and environment. Strategic plans include focused processes that aid the organization in operating at maximum efficiency, from defining goals to effective implementation. We are experts in ongoing consulting, as well as heading time- and situation-specific projects as per our clients’ needs facing policy crafters, including focusing on required goals and targets.

Government and regulatory ties

We evaluate a given situation, formulate an action plan, and implement it, managing the client’s relationships with the crafters of policy. The collective knowledge and experience at Impact enables us to produce a map of relevant “crossroads” for the client, analyze it, and thus affect the decision making of governmental regulatory entities. Changing and shaping policies, positioning your organization, and new initiatives are part and parcel of the regulatory-strategic array that we offer our clients.

Crisis management

Impact acts from within a wholistic mindset to identify and evaluate crises, and draft ready-to-implement strategic plans that set forth all of the scenarios and choices of action. As part of our “action basket” in the framework of such plans, Impact maps the actions that will minimize the damage, evaluate risks, and choose the optimal course of action.

As part of this process, steps are considered for exploiting opportunities that arise in the midst of a crisis to benefit the organization on multiple levels. Our rich and multi-faceted experience grants us the ability to identify the relevant players in the crisis, research the crisis, influence the discourse, and based thereon, formulate a strategic action plan for both the near and long terms.

Information science and research

Impact’s Research Department acts to identify and pinpoint relevant information for the client in the spheres of governance, politics, media, and more. In addition to learning the client’s arena in depth from all angles, we generate position papers and studies that make information accessible to policy crafters alongside constant updates and identification of relevant trends.

Forming coalitions

Coalitions are invaluable, as they unite several organizations to advance their common interests. The multiplicity of players in a coalition increases the available resources and strengthens the legitimacy of the need for policy change that they seek to effect. Impact specializes in assisting in forming and heading coalitions of organizations that have a shared goal, alongside exploiting our understanding of how the government sector, as well as the business sector, operates.

Guiding and managing crowd-funding campaigns

Impact assists its clients in formulating strategic plans comprised of several main phases for crowd-funding legal and social struggles: identifying the primary and secondary circles of the struggle; consolidating the harmed individuals and approaching those similarly harmed in the past; identifying target audiences and what the client wants their help with; figuring the monetary costs for mounting the campaign, conducting a support study and mapping relevant players in the media.

Managing social networks to support policy change

Policy change requires placing an issue on the public agenda, which today takes place largely on social media. As part of our services, we combine our expertise in strategizing for policy change with a keen understanding of social networks, and we focus on target audiences to convey the client’s messages thereon, thus influencing the public agenda. Impact assists its clients in formulating a media strategy plan aimed at affecting the formulation of desired policy and sharpening the messages that will lead to meeting the client’s objectives. The outline of such a plan serves to focus the message conveyed to the target audience of influencers, thereby ensuring the client the desired results.

Setting you up for continued success

In a world wherein uncertainty and change are increasing, succeeding is harder than ever: The challenges are great and the business environment is complex; that’s why a different tack is needed. We guide companies toward continued success in a world of rapid change by shaping learning processes; identifying inside assets and external opportunities, and bringing them together synergistically toward new goals; building new infrastructures; and training teams accordingly. The bottom line: learning, innovative, flexible organizations equipped with the tools to successfully cope with dramatic change.

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