Impact Strategies was founded in 1999 and has assisted organizations, companies, and non-profits in charting the optimal course for fulfillment of their goals alongside strategic planning for various time frames, and implementing them together with the client. Impact prides itself on transparency and adhering to a code of ethics that confers added value to our clients.

Impact Strategies offers strategic consulting alongside expertise in regulatory crisis management. Our consultants specialize in managing both complex processes at key junctures and day-to-day management, in both the public and business arenas; and offer solutions based on experience, creativity, research, and analysis of future processes in the economy, regulation, and the development of organizations and companies.

We offer our clients our experience in strategic consulting. Impact personnel are experts in creating a narrative and building work processes for both business and non-profit clients, as well as handling regulation-heavy projects and campaigns.

Our Customers

Our Customers


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